Elevator Repair Service

Repair | Maintenance | Modernization

Responsive, cost effective repair service

AMTECH Services

  • Emergency repair service
  • Recabling
  • Motor rewinding
  • Control system repair
  • Valve replacement
  • Door opening equipment
  • Fire service compliance
  • Disabled access
  • Life support requirements
  • Code changes

You can be assured that each elevator repair project undertaken by AMTECH Elevator Services, whether large or small, will be completed to your satisfaction by trained experienced elevator professionals.

AMTECH Elevator Services provide fast, cost-effective, emergency repair service to get your elevator equipment up and running when misuse, natural disaster or simple wear and tear interrupts your elevator service. Our repair department personnel have expertise acquired from years of successfully completed repair projects. Whether the job requires recabling, motor rewinding, control system repair, valve replacement, or new door opening equipment, you can be assured that any repair project undertaken by a AMTECH Elevator Services will be completed in a timely and efficient manner to your complete satisfaction.

Additionally, the AMTECH Elevator Services have the experience of upgrading elevator systems to comply with fire service, disabled access, and life support requirements. We can also upgrade your system so that it is in compliance with all state mandated code changes. Additionally, we can enhance the overall security of your building with the engineering and installation of key or card access security systems for your elevators.


Lockout & Tagout Procedures

Read the attached document
Otis Lockout Tagout Policy 6.0.pdf
for details.

Mechanical Energy Policy

Read the attached document
Otis Mechanical Energy Policy 7.0.pdf
for details.