24/7 Response
Certified Local Technicians

Emergency Repair, Trouble Calls, Entrapments


If you are an owner or building manager with compliance issues we can help. After our repairs and corrections, you get timely filings to local authorities and The State of California. We keep these documents for you and provide them at your request.

Single Bottom Cylinder Replacement - Read/Download Brochure.

Unprotected single bottom hydraulic cylinders are vulnerable to corrosion and electrolysis. If you have a hydraulic elevator installed prior to the early 1970s or one experiencing below grade loss of hydraulic fluid, you may be risking a potential catastrophe.

Amtech will provide solutions to reduce potential injury and liability from failure caused by an underground cylinder leak. We will install a custom-designed double bottom cylinder with a safety bulkhead, as well as sealed PVC Protection and an Evacuation Port for codes requiring corrosion protection.

Trained Elevator Professionals

Today’s elevators are complex systems with computerized control systems that demand knowledge of electronics, hydraulics, and electricity. All of our repair mechanics are union trained and Certified Competent Conveyance Mechanics (CCCM) in the State of California.

We are a Certified Qualified Conveyance Company (CQCC) and we can help you with both repairs and upgrades:


  • 24/7 emergency repair service with immediate response times
  • Control System repair
  • Motor rewinding
  • Re-cabling
  • Valve replacement
  • Door opening equipment
  • Inspection violation repairs


  • Fire service compliance
  • Disabled access
  • Code changes
  • Key or card access security systems

Our expert technicians are never far away, and have access to OEM replacement parts from one of the largest inventories in the nation.

Call us today for expert repair and upgrades at 844-258-1523. You can also contact us here. We look forward to working with you!